Ultra Hope Girls is a weekly podcast for those wanting to dive deep into everything Danganronpa. Join Madi, Meryn, and Caroline in obsessing over these deep characters, gripping murders, and amazing games. 

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Introduce your team

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Madi Sarlo 


Ultimate Psychologist

Caroline Orejuela


Ultimate Literary Girl

Meryn Holtslander


Ultimate Nurse

Taylor Sarlo

Album Cover Artist

Ultimate Graphic Designer

Jon Domingo


Ultimate Artist

How Do We Know Each Other? 

The Ultra Hope Girls are three friends from elementary and middle school who have used these incredible games as a way to stay in touch with one another after going their separate ways for college. 

How Did We Get Into Danganronpa?

The Ultra Hope Girls all found out about Danganronpa in different ways!
Caroline learned about the games from one of her classmates a long time ago in middle school, and she told Madi about the games recently, thinking that Madi would enjoy playing through them. Meryn watched a friend play through some of the trials, so when Madi asked if she'd ever heard of the games, she knew she needed to play through them herself.
And here we are! 

When Did UHG: ADP Start? 

The idea for UHG: ADP was formulated over "Quarantine Break" in the spring of 2020. Within a month, the Ultra Hope Girls had recorded, created social media sites, and advertised for their new podcast. Ultra Hope Girls: A Danganronpa Podcast released its first episode on May 11th, 2020.